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ION celebrates the creatively energized blurring of the lines between traditional and contemporary men’s modes of self-expression, encouraging a more relaxed approach to eyewear.
Meticulously crafted for whoever you want to be.

Founder and designer Caron Kraitt has designed a range of timeless pieces which offer the perfect choice for confident individuals who are looking for a bolder, more structured look, whilst custom colours in polished and matte finishes create a dynamic rhythm throughout the collection.

ION - Fusion P03 - landscape B.jpg
Design that fuses retro elements and the cutting-edge of men’s styling. 

The collection, as you would expect, is charged with considered but eminently wearable shapes, colours, and fit.

ION is not about shock value or the need for 'likes' above wearability and taste. ION designs complement and flatter the wearer's personality, rather than being a substitute for it.

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